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Sex is always one of the best feelings that one can experience in the world. That being said, physiological and psychological conditions could put a damper on your sex life.

Instead of taking only male enhancement pills, there are actually ways that you can boost your libido naturally. Here are just some of them:

Take a Look at Your Meds

If you find yourself having a lower sex drive and you are in some meds, then those things might have contributed to what you are experiencing now.

There are some medications that can lower your libido, such as ones that help control blood pressure and diabetes. Ask your doctor about the side effects of your medications and see if he or she can change some things in order for you to not have a depressed sex drive.

Plan Some Activities with Your Partner

Sex is one of the activities that you can do with your partner to show her how much you love her. That being said, that is not the only thing that can improve your bond with one another.

Plan a weekend getaway. Go to places that are unfamiliar to both of you and do some activities together. That way, your partner will love you even more- with sex or without.

Do Some Kegels

Kegel exercises are not only for women as they, too, can provide benefits for men as well. Men who have trouble with premature ejaculation can certainly get the most benefit.

Take Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a plant that is known to have a lot of health benefits, including improved blood flow to the penis. ED sufferers can truly appreciate this medical marvel.

Get in Love with Pesto

If you love eating pasta, make sure that you also fall in love with pesto as well. Pesto is made of pine nuts and these nuts contain a lot of arginine, which can produce the same effects as Viagra.

Engage in Sexual Touching

There are so many ways that can turn her on- one of which is sensual touching. Be sure to learn this amazing skill.

Eat Some Oats

I think it should come as no surprise that oats provide a lot of health benefits as well. Men will especially love its zinc content as it can produce a similar effect to that of oysters.

Experiment with New Positions

Novelty is something that is appreciated when it comes to the bedroom, so do not be afraid to try out new sex positions and engage in kinky activities.

Don’t Hesitate to Say What’s on Your Mind

If you are horny and you envision doing things with your partner, do not be afraid to let her know about it. A little green talk can surely go a long way.

Give Her a Massage

The female body is quite sensitive to touch and what better way to make your partner get primed for sex than a round of some good massage. Don’t forget to use some essential oils!

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is actually needed by our bodies for repair and whatnot. Therefore, getting enough sleep (about 7-8 hours) a night is mandatory at this point.