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In just about any space on the internet, there is always something for everybody. Blogs are pretty flashy nowadays because they want to cater to as many hip people as possible. But, business websites should not follow this as they are more catered towards professionals. That being said, there are rules that you need to follow when you’re going to design a website based on the website design agency. Here are the 4 mistakes that you should definitely avoid:

Keep It Minimal

Flash animations have been implemented for the vast majority of websites that you see. However, although you can definitely add them to your business website, I highly advise you not to.

That is due to a very simple reason: people who go to business websites usually want to find information as fast as possible. Plus, they do not want to have to deal with anything that will not provide added value to them.

Therefore, it is best that you do not make use of flashy animations at all. However, if you can somehow optimize it and make it load fast, then you could. But, that isn’t to say that you should.

Make the Font Readable

I cannot stress this enough. Far too many “business” websites tend to make use of fonts that are not readable at all! Heck, they add insult to injury by making the size of the font too small!

I recommend that you use a Sans-Serif font like Arial. It has been proven to be quite readable. Furthermore, make the font size a bit bigger. A size 14 or 16 would do. You should also type titles and subtopics with Bold letters so that people can distinguish if it is a new section or not.

Keep Navigation Easy

This is akin to the first point in the article. Making navigation easy for your users is key. You do not want your users to go through a plethora of sub-options just for them to order something or inquire about your services.

If possible, the main features of your site should be placed at the homepage. Also, make use of drop-down menus for desktop users and hamburger icons for mobile users.

Keep It Clutter-free

I have seen far too many websites that try to do “too much”. They end up being too cluttered and messy that people do not want to deal with it.

If you’re going to make use of images, make sure that they’re optimized so that they would load pretty fast. Also, do not put way too many pictures as it can definitely add to the clutter.

To reduce clutter and so that you can minimize the links that are present on the homepage, you could implement a “click here” feature directly on an image as well.

Keeping it clutter-free will make sure that your website looks quite professional and this is also to help with the navigation as well.

Lastly, do not include animations on a business website because it can severely hamper quick loading times.