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Host’s Uptime

This is something you must research on, since it warrants its own category. A slow website can have grave consequences on SEO. This means that Google and other search engines are locked out your website–they can’t crawl around. Your search ranking would suffer. Don’t let your pages suffer. Use a service to track your website, and alert you, in case of a crash. 


When you are managing an online store or blog, website security and growth must be the overall goal. If you are just starting out, not having all the required resources can hinder your online business strategy. A reliable host can provide you with a vast range of blueprints, and let you know if it’s finally time for an upgrade.

Website speed

Visitors expect websites to load in just around three seconds. More and more people are having shorter attention spans, so you must take website speed seriously. Your website loading speed must be blazingly fast. If it’s working really slow, it can be either due to lack of investment in the infrastructure or shared server overload. Never work with website hosting agency that neglect their responsibilities.


Looking for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia can be really overwhelming. Make sure to choose reputable people–those who can give you efficient technical support for your online business. Always consider the reputation of your potential web host. If they are famous for slacking, feel free to take your website project somewhere. 

Lack of awareness

It’s possible for website hosting providers to miscomprehend the basic aspects of search engine rankings. This only means that they can rupture all your SEO measures unintentionally. It’s important for you to do your homework well. See to it that none of their policies and rules would impact the customer experience of your website.