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Are you planning on launching a new product on your online store? Launching new products is not an easy task. It’s exciting, and at the same time, challenging.

For many online business owners, one of the most effective ways to promote is to make a product launch landing page that is managed through a content management system. The web design of the product landing pages would only be successful if they have good copies. Below are five helpful tips that can help you write stellar copies.

Work on your headlines first.

The headline is the very first copy that website visitors see, so it should capture their attention right then and there. It can make or break a good impression.

Use bullet points.

Product landing pages are typically long, and sometimes known for being boring. The solution? Use bullet points in order to break the copies, and make it a lot easier to read.

Avoid jargon.

Avoid technical language and jargon–those words many visitors wouldn’t understand. Try your best to describe everything in everyday language. Imagine yourself talking to a friend. Sell your product to him or her, and act natural.

Focus on benefits.

Writing copies is in itself, marketing. Since you need to sell your products to your visitors, focus on all the benefits. How can your product address your potential customers’ pain points? How can the product make their lives easier?

Focus on your ideal customers.

This is probably one of the most important things you should do for your product launch page to be successful. Think about their problems and preferences. How will this product solve their problems?