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Web design trends are not something that happens out of nowhere.

They are created in response to the specific needs that web users are experiencing at any particular time. Those requirements can range from making web exploration more useful, more entertaining, or more comfortable to addressing a variety of other issues. 

When the outer world undergoes changes that can make everyday living more difficult or unpredictable, people strive for stability and balance inside themselves and their relationships. Our environment is currently characterized by a lack of stability and peace, and this yearning for a greater sense of stability and calm is mirrored in web design trends for 2022. 

Let’s take a closer look at these tendencies in further detail. While doing so, we’ll utilize examples from a range of pre-built websites from website designers Malaysia to demonstrate what each of these trends entails. Using them as inspiration or as a tool to quickly and cost-effectively construct or redesign websites for your clients are both possibilities. 

  • Changing Typography Draws Attention to Content

As attention-getting methods on websites, adjustments to typeface size, color, and style are frequently implemented with remarkable success. In 2022, we’ll see the addition of motion to the text as well as animation.

Moving objects in an otherwise quiet or static environment are always apparent, and carefully placed and well motion applied to information can truly make a website stand out from the competition. 

Motion applied to text is a strategy that should be applied sparingly and applied only to text that you want the visitor to take note and notice as something special. 

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  • When used as useful guides, line art backgrounds can be a useful addition to any project. 

Designers of websites have been experimenting with different website background themes for several years now. The use of dramatic gradients has been increasingly popular in recent years. Video sliders in the background and dark mode color schemes have also become increasingly popular.

Something completely unusual is going to happen in 2022. Line art will be utilized to create visual interest, but it will also be used to give visitors useful information, which is vital.

As you’ll see, directing a visitor in the direction of a desired destination does not necessitate the use of arrowheads or pointing fingers. More abstract designs can be put into play that suggest rather than point, yet have the same effect as the more pointed patterns.

  • Interactive Graphics Provide Added Context for Users 

The majority of commercial web designs are focused on three primary goals: enticing visitors, engaging them with the information, and convincing them to make a purchase.

Getting and maintaining people’ attention is essential to engaging them, and there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about it.

One particularly effective technique is to make key elements appear interactive for example, by making a button appear as if it’s begging to be clicked rather than as if it’s just another flat object on a flat surface; or by making a specific design change or invoke when a visitor hovers their mouse over it.

However, you must be imaginative. When you want a visitor to stop and learn more about something, rather than always moving them towards a desired objective, you will want to use interaction to encourage them to do so.