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7 Helpful Tips for an Extraordinary Web Design, Usability and User Experience

Are you planning to make a new website for your web design company? Then, you need to make sure that your pages are well-optimized, with an amazing user experience. Below are some guidelines that can help you with your web design project.


Your website’s overall look and feel should be consistent. Look at your color schemes, writing tone, backgrounds, typefaces and other elements. Being consistent in everything makes a positive impact to user experience and usability.

Software and Hardware


This is one of the most important aspects that you should consider. Do you want your website to work on all kinds of browsers? Find out which font sizes and font styles users prefer. Remember that even the smallest details matter a lot in website design. Always work hard to make your users happy.

User Centric

User experience and usability depends on your users’ preferences. In order to be effective, your website should be established depending on your users’ needs. As much as possible, get feedback from theme through online surveys.

Web Design Process and Evaluation

Web Design Process

Curate useful, compelling content in your website. Creating unnecessary, distracting materials can prevent it from performing well. Think about the goals of your target audience. Look into the conversations of actual website users. Listen to their suggestions, and support their needs.

Visual Hierarchy

Implementing visual hierarchy means arranging and organizing several website elements. By doing so, you can guide your users towards the most important content. Of course, you would want them to complete a desired action. It should be an enjoyable, natural process for them.

Navigational Ease

Web Navigation

If your pages are not easy to navigate, people would leave. Include a search box at the top of your website, and don’t add too much navigation points on one page. Eliminate all the distracting elements.



Accessibility is a huge part of use experience. Make sure that your website is compatible with many browsers, devices and operating systems. Invest in a website with a responsive and flexible design.


Website design is all about visual appearance and functionality. Take into account all website aspects, no matter how small. Keep in mind that the main purpose of your website brand representation and audience communication. By applying the previously mentioned tips, you can increase your engagement and conversion rates.