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Start Your Web Development Business Now!

Having a web development business in this day and age is actually a good idea given that the industry is known to be a lucrative one. At the time of writing, there are a lot of employers who are looking for competent web developers which means, there is a market for this type of thing.

That being said, what are the things that you need to do in order for you to build and grow your development business from scratch? Read further as I will provide a simple checklist.

Have the Technical “Know-How”

A Simple Checklist to Help You Grow Your Web Development Business from Scratch

Web development is a complex and technical thing. To be able to create websites using different platforms, frameworks, and programming languages are crucial. I suggest that you try things out by using a content management system like WordPress. Study every aspect of it so that you will know what this job entails.

Once that is done, you can get online courses that will help immerse you in the world of web development. You will be given the right knowledge and the correct applications so that you can start building your own website from scratch.

The only thing that you really need to invest initially is your time.

Search for Clients

Once you get the technical aspects of the job handled, the next thing that you will need to do is to actually gain experience and you can do this by finding your first set of clients.

Now, budding developers will have a harder time getting clients. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do if you’re a beginner. These are:

  • Join a Community- there are a lot of online communities filled with web developers like you. You can start building your network here. Who knows, someone might give you your first web development gig.
  • Join Freelancing Platforms- being a freelancer to start your web development odyssey is a good option. Go to or Upwork as they both have the biggest databases and communities than the rest.
  • Offer Your Services to the People That You Know- perhaps you know someone that wants a website of their own. You can ask around to see if there are people who are willing to get your services, for a price of course.

Invest Some Money on Marketing

Any business, no matter the industry, is required to spend some money on their advertising and marketing efforts. You can certainly advertise your venture on social media, but without paid ads, you will have a limited reach.

I know that advertising can be expensive, but a good place to start would be Facebook. The platform provides a lot of ad campaign options you can choose from and it can be customized based on your current budget.

Client Retention and Efficiency

A Simple Checklist to Help You Grow Your Web Development Business from Scratch

At some point, your web development business will grow. You will cater to a lot of clients, thus giving you a lot of work. But, even though you’re going to earn a lot of money, you’re going to have a hard time tracking each and every web development project that you get.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to solve that. No, I do not mean that you use Google docs to manually track every project; I mean that you can use programs such as Plesk, for example. It allows you to monitor all of your development tasks all in one place, which is why I recommend this to anyone who is looking to put up their own website development service.