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  1. Breaking out of old perceptions and thinking out of the box

It has to be said that most of us are stubborn and instinctively resist anything new and don’t like change. An empty cup mentality allows you to let go of old preconceptions, empty yourself and be more receptive to new things; if you can seek advice from good people who have come before you and blend old and new perceptions to make yourself more valuable, then you can certainly turn around magnificently and go faster, further and more steadily than others. 

    2. Increase your social value, from being popular to being wanted

We all know the importance of networking. By networking, it’s not how many people you know that you call a network, but how many people know you and are willing to help you.

There are two core criteria in the book about networking, the first is realizability. The second is bi-directionality, and this realisability must go both ways. With a diverse network of people, you can quickly turn ideas into reality. And how to go about having such a network is roughly to first make yourself a person who is wanted and trusted. The essence of networking is to realise value, and the basic logic of realisation is altruistic thinking. Reliable people are the hardest to come by in interpersonal relationships.

The following points can be noted in interpersonal interactions. Integrity comes first. You must do what you say you will do.

  1. Know how to say no. It is better to do something worse than not to do it at all, and if necessary refer people who can do things well to them. 
  2. Proactive feedback. Keep the other person informed of how things are going, and let them know if there are no problems, and even more so in advance, so that others can be prepared.
  3. Keep boundaries and be enthusiastic but not presumptuous. If you are afraid that someone will be too embarrassed to ask, make sure you ask for their opinion before helping.
  4. Do not actively ask for something in return, but do not refuse what the other person offers in return. An appropriate return is both a form of discipline for yourself and a way of giving the other person a piece of mind without hurting their dignity. 

Once you could achieve the aforementioned tips, you could develop your skills and hobbies such as cryptocurrency such as dogemama without any restrictions. 

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