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Shopping for baby clothes in Malaysia is fun and exciting. However, aside from baby shoes and clothes, it’s also important to buy a quality cot mattress for your child. At this day and age, many cot mattresses that are sold in the market doesn’t meet the industry’s product safety standards. Remember, just because it’s on the shelves doesn’t mean that it is 100% safe. So, how will you know if the mattress you want to buy is safe?

What type of cot mattress material is the best for your child?

Many cot mattresses in the market offer support and comfort for your child. Since your child is not yet a strong adult, a firm cot mattress is the safest for her. Don’t get the cushioned one. When choosing the best brand and quality, always take into account the level of comfort.

As for cot mattress construction, you can find a vast range of materials, from latex and foam to inner spring. All of these mattress can pass any firmness test.

Are those vacuum-packed cot mattresses completely safe?

Since many cot mattresses are shipped inside boxes where they are rolled up and vacuum packed, you need to give it a few days to completely expand. In many cases, some cot mattresses remained bet a bit, even after many weeks. This means that they failed the firmness test.

Are second-hand cot mattresses safe?

It’s always best to buy a brand-new cot mattress. Though, if you are on a budget, settle only for a second-hand cot mattress that is still firm, and with no signs of mold and dampness. It’s also crucial that it fits perfectly in your cot.

  1. Select a mattress cot that complies with industry standards. Before finalizing your purchase, read reviews for more recommendations.
  2. Don’t wrap the mattress in plastic, or in any kind of unbreathable material.
  3. Bumpers and soft baby toys can pose tons of suffocation risks. Don’t place them in the cot.
  4. Always place the baby to sleep on her back, with her feet at the very bottom part of the cot.
  5. Don’t quilts/doonas, thick blankets, pillows, lambswool and thick blankets in the cot. 
  6. Purchase a safe, firm cot mattress.
  7. The baby’s head must be uncovered, and kept away from the blankets. The blankets must be tucked in very tightly.