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Offer refreshments. 

The more daily essentials you offer, the less temptation there would be to wander way from work desks. Surely, employees need frequent caffeine top-ups, so keeping a coffeemaker next to the desks is a good idea. You should also think about your possible offerings when shopping for office furniture

Decorate your office desk.

One of the coolest aspects of working at the comforts of your home is not being in a boring work place. Make sure to integrate several decorative elements in the space, like a flower vase. If you don’t know a lot about decorations, you may want to work with an experience interior designer for more assistance.

Stock office supplies nearby.

We all need basic supplies such as pencils and pens. Use glass jars to keep everything within reach. It gives a completely stylish look. Also, the fewer times you need to get up and look for things, the more productive you would be. These may appear to be a simple matter, but it can make a big difference in your office interior design.

Incorporate interesting colors and patterns. 

According to reach, patterns and colors can help employees creative and motivated to work. Don’t be scared to integrate these interesting features to your interior design–the lively hues won’t distract you. Do you need some guidance in making your office prettier? Feel free to ask the help of a reputable Malaysia interior design company.

Hang artworks at the right height.

Many people hang picture frames and art pieces at the eye level. However, your eye level when standing up is different when you are sitting at a desk. Try hanging it 7 to 10 inches above the desk. Play with different heights, and produce many visual layers.