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According to top web host companies, CPanel is the webmaster control panel with unparalleled functionality and ease of use in Linux-based hosting. However, it has so much to offer that many users can never discover its great features and do not forget things that make the website easier to manage. These tips have been created to help you learn more about this strong management tool.

Pick Apps and Install them Effortlessly

The Installation Tool of cPanel allows the selection of apps to the website or hosting account you want to install and maintain. You can learn what applications in the Application Explorer are available and use them to enable you to achieve success with the features and resources you need. Installatron also helps you to import, clone and save files.

Adding Domains

The cPanel Extension Domains platform is the best way to set up multiple websites on a single hosting account. Find and fill out information with the Add-on Domains feature in the top menu bar.


While Google Analytics is well-known to everyone, it can’t be put up on their website or installed by everyone. Luckily, cPanel also provides AWStats, a free-source resource for evaluating traffic volume and origin data, which even helps you to learn about inorganic traffic like search engines or hackers.

Files Management

The best way to transfer files to your folder is through cPanel File Manager, if you want it to be faster and more secure than with FTP. This helps you to upload data or through many files in a zip file.

Reevaluate Your Server Performance

When you operate a website, you want to learn how well it operates and is supposed to do so. Often you can use all the money you have spent for the applications and services you manage. You may notice that other server users hog certain services if you’re using may hosting. There might also be a problem with the server of your host.

The CPU and the concurrent link method are one of the most beneficial features of cPanel. This not only helps you to monitor your Ram, power, computer, and storage usage but can also enable you to avoid problems with your web.

Manage Database

First, you must create a database to establish your pages with WordPress or any other CRM platform. Using a MySQL database wizard in cPanel is simple and straightforward, because you have clear guidance in all the steps you are taking, such as naming the database, creating usernames and passwords and linking the database to a domain.

Sometimes a database may have to be downloaded, or a test site installed or moved to a new web host. PhpMyAdmin is another useful cPanel tool that lets you do it fuss-free.

Have the Latest PHP

The PHP edition that you have on your website will affect the way the application operates. It is modified from time to time, like all apps, and it is always worth upgrading your host’s latest version that is reliable and consistent with your website functionality.

With the PHP version module, you can easily update your PHP version in cPanel. The module can also control a number of functions relevant to PHP, such as zip compression or control of the maximum file size available.

Search Apps

It can be easily missed by merely browsing or visually checking with so many features available in cPanel. Many users fail to find that this is totally unnecessary–cPanel has a very realistic search bar above the homepage. “Find Functions by clicking here easily,” you will see the text. Just type in the name of the feature or device you want.