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So, your tenant just turnover your property as his contract ends. Of course, he could have renewed the contract but then again, there might be some other reasons why he chooses not to. It could be that he needs to move or it could be that he wants to try another unit.

Now, because your house for rent Sri Hartamas property is empty once again, you need to have it listed so that it will be occupied. Before doing that though, you have to consider the fact that it will be listed along with so many other properties for rent. That means, there is a lesser chance your property will be chosen unless there is something in it that can make a tenant include it in his top priorities.

To ensure that, you should not just rely on luck. Instead, you need to do something before listing that property. So, what should you do? Check this out:

1. Assess and fix

Yes, asses and fix indeed. Though your past tenant might be one of the best, still you need to make sure that your Sentul condo for rent is good as new. There shouldn’t be an aspect in it that can make your contract with a new tenant null and void. Besides, before you offer the contract, the tenant will first check the property if the environment and the location are already good for him. He will check every corner of your property to make sure that he won’t have to deal with repairs, especially that almost everyone is quite busy these days.

Yes, and that is why, you should be the first one to inspect your property so that if there are things that needed repairs, you can already do that and won’t need to explain things to any prospects. Your new tenant should not have to deal with all of these as it is your call to who a shining apartment without any impending problems, aside from the usual wear and tear.

2. Clean

Yes, the tenant is good. He must have cleanup before returning the property to you. But it is still your responsibility to make sure nothing is overlooked. In fact, it is best to hire a professional cleaner as he is a pro when it comes to these things. He will know where to inspect first, he will know what areas in the property is most likely overlooked and he will make that his priority. The bottom line, you surely don’t want a prospect to see some negative areas in your property, considering that you have so many competitors.

The kitchen and washroom are key zones and should be unblemished. No potential leaseholder needs to move into a spot with a messy can or a ring around the bath and it is your call to ensure all of that.

3. Check Out the Appliances

While reviewing and cleaning the kitchen, pause for a moment to check the appliances as well. You have to make sure that your kitchen appliances are all working. Sometimes, you need to replace some parts that are just inexpensive. You should not hesitate to do so as this can help in marketing your property like the KL Sentral property.

If your property for rent comes with a fridge, you must check it before having the place rented again. According to the experts, this appliance is one of the most disgusting areas in the house considering a lot of foods get rotten here. So, it would be best if you thoroughly clean it up. Take off all the shelves so that you can easily clean the whole things, from inside and out. For sure your tenant will like your property if you do this.

4. Change locks

The world is unsafe any more. In fact, this is already an understatement and for sure, you don’t want people who are renting your Dutamas apartment to end up getting burglarized and you are partly to blame. This is why; before having your place rented again, see to it that it comes with a new lock and a new set of keys. You should make sure that only them has the keys so that whatever will happen, you will not be part of the suspects.

Yes, and even if the old tenant returns the keys, you should still do what is advised at the top as you never know if any of his old relatives have made a copy. As a matter of fact, it would be best if you will even install more security measures like deadbolts and so on. There are now new products that can add security to any establishment. This is not just good for your property, but this can also market your business more. Note that any tenant will be motivated to tell anything that they find recommendable.

5. Check the Current Value of Your Property

Maybe the previous tenant has been occupying your house for rent Pandan Indah for years that you have not updated your information about the current market of property like yours. To ensure that you don’t demand less or more than what you should, you should update your knowledge regarding this.

With the corporate world being swamped with so many investors, it is best to manage your business well and these tips above should be able to help you.