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It is an activity that performs intimate acts either alone by masturbating or together with someone you love and trust. It can also include more than two persons at a time. Having sex is human nature. For couples, intimate relationships are something that both of them look forward to. Skin-ship is important. It is one of the ways to tell someone you love them. Let’s be honest here for couples who are already legally married and pronounced husband and wife, intimate relationships are definitely boring especially if they do the same thing every time. It feels like a routine.  Once in a while maybe the husband should give special service to the wife as a romantic but sexual gesture. Then, sometimes it is the wife’s turn to have sex with her husband. Do you know exactly what your partner wants you to do during a sex session together? For instance let’s take a look at the normal-traditional couple relationship. Some women want their husbands to do the normal things that they usually do while some even crave different positions for more friendliness and fun. Maybe these things you can try to satisfy her when having an intimate relationship. 


The bedroom environment is also one of the important factors in reviving the relationship between husband and wife. Light up some candles, make sure the sheets are comfortable and put in some extra effort sometimes.

Alright, let’s be serious and start the Sex-Ed talk! 

Many couples did the same sex position almost all the time and it at the same time results in their sexual intercourse getting bored. Fortunately, there are many sex stories, sex stories, videos and sex short stories on the internet as our source of knowledge. In this post, we will share with you some things about sex and also sex tips so that your sex relationship is more passionate, and long lasting.

Romantic Situation 

On the night of his birthday, why not make it a romantic night. It can be said that many women like it when their husbands do romantic things. Sprinkle the bedroom with red rose petals, it will definitely make her excited for the next step.

Sexual Fantasies

Everyone definitely has their own sexual fantasies. To spark sex, convey your sexual fantasies to your partner and see their reactions. When she is excited, ask about her sexual fantasies. 

Sex Toys 

SecretCherry sold some pretty high-quality sex toys that you can use with your partner. 

Don’t Want To Get Caught Sex

Have you and your partner ever gotten caught up in a boring family gathering or event where you don’t know other guests? You can avoid that boredom by sneaking into a hotel room or private room for a quickie session with a partner. Whispers to your partner and waits for him at the promised place. There must be some family members who are wondering where the hell did the two of you when… shhhh!!!! Don’t get busted! 

Holiday and Sex! Yes! 

Long weekend can be the best time to fulfill your sexual needs! What’s more if on a weekday you often refuse to do it on deck because of fatigue. On this holiday, do not do any plans with your partner such as watching movies or walking in the mall, instead settle the ‘debt’ of sex. 

Take advantage of that time to relax at home, food delivery, Netflix and chill in the room, then end with a naughty session. Even better, go solely for a sex holiday even though it is near to your city!