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Breast pumping can make moms feel like they are milk machines. But don’t worry, there are many ways to keep the process better. Start by thinking about your own comfort and needs. Sure, you must buy baby diapers in Malaysia for your little one, but never forget about your own necessities as a mom. One of the first things you should get for yourself is a breast pump. 

A reliable breast pump can help you improve your breast milk supply, most especially in the early days of your breastfeeding experience. The milk on your breast is produced on a supply and demand basis. Thus, pumping every few minutes can increase your supply.

Use a breast pump to stock up on your home freezer.

Kinds of breast pumps

Battery-operated pumps

This kind of breast pump can run slower, and use batteries fast. The main advantage of this battery-operated breast pump is that they are helpful and portable. Get this if you don’t have regular access to electrical outlets. 

Manual pumps

Manual breast pumps are inexpensive, portable and lightweight. The only downside is that you need to do tons of work by yourself. As a result, you might not get that much milk. 

Double-electric pumps

These are powerful electric breast pump models that allows you to pump both of your breasts at once. You must use this if you are always in a hurry.

Single-electric pumps

With a single-electric breast pump, you will only be able to pump a single breast at a time. Pumping would take longer.

Should you consider an open-system pump, or closed-system pump?

hospital-grade breast pump, or closed-system pump

It is also called overflow protection. A closed-system breast pump is the option that is completely sealed off from the breast milk by a barrier. Thus, it is the most hygienic kind of breast pump, since the barrier prevents the breast milk from getting inside the machine.

Open-system pump

An open-system pump doesn’t have a barrier between the pump mechanism and the milk, so the breast milk flows through the tubes, as well as other pieces into the bottle. This is typically less expensive compared to closed-system ones.