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Me and my wife went to Kuala Lumpur back in 2005 and it was not a great experience at all. That is because most of its industrial buildings are still being constructed and the place is a mess and dusty as well.

However, we visit the place again 10 years later and I have to be honest, I actually fell in love with the place; so much so that I told my buddies about Kuala Lumpur and they have booked a trip there as well.

There are so many amazing tourist attractions in the place. I definitely love the many hawker food stalls that you can find along the streets of Jalan Alor which serve up some amazing dishes that are filled with spices. What’s more, these foods are incredibly cheap and packed full of flavor.

My buddies went to party all night. They got some freelance girls in the metro and they had a really good time doing some bar-hopping.
No matter what you intend to do in this bustling city, there is definitely plenty for everyone. In today’s article, I will go over some of the best things to do in Kuala Lumpur.


Man, where do I even begin? If you want to the premier malls in the city, you head on over to Bukit Bintang. Here, you will find some of the city’s most amazing malls, including Fahrenheit ’88, Sungei Wang, Low Yat Plaza, Starhill Gallery, and the infamous Pavilion Mall, among many others.

The good thing is that this area is just well within the city center and you can head on over there on foot, especially during a nice sunny weather.

Batu Caves

The Batu Caves is a series of caves that you can go into where you can find multiple temples of worship. But, that is not the main reason why tourists are flocking the place. It is actually the rainbow-colored steps that you can find just as soon as you enter the grounds.

Aside from the rainbow-colored steps, there are actually some stalls where you can purchase some religious items and souvenirs and you can take pictures of the temple grounds if you want.

Petronas Towers

Whether you are planning to go to the top of the twin towers or you simply just want to marvel at its architecture below, the Petronas Towers are definitely the most iconic tourist attraction in the city.

When you do want to go to the top, you have to book a ticket online or go there as early as possible to get a ticket. When you are at the top, you will see panoramic views of the entire city.

Although these towers are not the highest structures in the city, the allure of the place and its surroundings are definitely worth the trip.

Street Food

When I go to some countries in Asia, I always spend the time to sample some of the different foods that I can find. Among all of the Asian countries I have visited, the street foods in Malaysia are some of the best.

You see, Malaysia is heavily-influenced by its Chinese and Indian neighbors and aside from that, it is also influenced by other food cultures as well.

With over 700+ food stalls and restaurants (and counting), there are definitely some foods that you will really love. In fact, the street of Jalan Alor is what I consider a prime place to eat in.