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Reduction of Friction

eCommerce research can reduce the friction in online transactions, and result to much smoother exchanges between sellers, intermediaries and buyers. These so-called frictions are described as transaction costs in economics. It arise from various inefficient market structures, as well as ineffective combinations of technological tasks that require a transaction.

Facilitating of Network Form

eCommerce is also affecting business to business exchanges. It facilitates network forms of organizations where little flexible firms depend on their partners to meet customer demands more efficiently. Make sure to look for ecommerce web solutions in Malaysia that can help you manage the chain of networks linking your suppliers, distributors, competitors and customers. 

Enabling Customers

eCommerce, along with a good digital marketing strategies, can enable customers to have a say on how products are created, and how services are delivered. At this day and age, anyone can comment on a business’ fulfillment process, even though they have very little understanding of what is occurring inside the firm. 

Business Transaction Improvements

eCommerce endeavors to enhance the implementation of business transactions over several networks.

Efficient Performances

Electronic commerce can help lead to better performances, from improved customer satisfaction to brilliant decision-making processes. 

Greater Economic Efficiency

Through ecommerce, we can achieve better economic efficiency (lower costs), and more rapid exchanges (real-time, high-speed or accelerated interactions).