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If you simply want to install more lights, or you want to put a defensive shield between your equipment and the outside world, you would probably want to buy a surge protector. For an overwhelming variety of costs and services, not to mention a barrage of contradictory campaign claims, it’s impossible to find out what the investment is worth, and what is garbage.

I will be helping you figure things out. Find out what makes a good surge protector for a bit of history. This post, while we will cover some related surface, is the revised predecessor to that item. There are a lot of good reviews on omron products, as such it is most advisable to buy from the company.

Power Strips Are Different

Power strips and surge protection products, also known as surge suppressors are different. Power strips are usually inexpensive, multi-outlet devices and are simply an extension of a wall outlet. Most typically have a circuit breaker that is some sort of a key, but most don’t provide any real “safety” from electrical problems.

They may have the tiniest amount of security but they’re all very somewhat like plugging straight into the wall. Surge protectors are still reasonably cheap, but they also include some layer of safety against voltage surges unlike power strips. How much depends greatly, and how good.


Few surge protectors give a guarantee on the equipment attached to the protector (up to a certain sum of money). An instance is one US company that is really positive in its goods. They offered to pay all of the maintenance costs if anything went wrong with the surge protectors. It’s been said they’ll pay up to $300,000 in destruction. You’ll actually never get there, so it wouldn’t hurt to have it. Bear in mind that even because there is a protection doesn’t guarantee you’ll actually get a penny on it.


Numerous surge protectors came with USB ports, allowing you to recharge your smart phones without using a wall wart. For sure, Convenient, but verify what the level of the output amp is.

It is normally just 1 or 2 Amps (often called 1A or 2A). That’s, just to say, that however much flow you can get through the tubing. For faster charge you’ll need at least 2 amps. Also, many surge protectors can safeguard the equipment from over-current if the transmitted volt is too strong.