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Bluehost Review

Are you considering Bluehost as the web host of your new blog? There are tons of Bluehost hosting reviews in Malaysia that speak of this provider’s reliability and efficiency. Many webmasters actually consider it as a top contender when it comes to web hosting services. It has been in operation since 1996, and provides one of the cheapest solutions in the market.

Bluehost takes pride in providing a flat rate without any hidden fees such as transfer costs, but it also has its own weaknesses. That is, they provide one flat plan that cannot be scaled in accordance to your own needs. Many users are happy with the plans offering, though. Even if you are managing several websites that function as separate entities, Bluehost can handle all of your requirements.

Their package delivers unlimited storage space, and can handle unlimited domains, sub-domains and add-ons. This means that users can own several websites, and that the main website can be expanded to include more subsections that correspond to the various branches of your organization. By unlimited, we mean that there is no need to pay additional fees for more usage.

What’s even more amazing is that the other members of your staff can access their email accounts while on the go with the help of a browser-based web mail app.  Furthermore, certain communication functions may also be automated through its built-in mailing list feature.

Users can access their servers, whether through FTP access, secure shell access or browser-based control panel

Bluehost gives people the ability to take its entire interface for a quick test drive.

Of course, you need to ensure that all of your needs are met. Demo presentations are common in the website hosting world, and is considered as a universal practice. Since Bluehost adheres to this, it means that this host works hard for long-term partnerships for the satisfaction of all their clients. Another good sign that Bluehost is a reliable is the fact that their support team can attend to customers’ needs 24/7.